• Air Edge Milling Machine (Outside)

Model : TS-7801

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1. Muffler Tube; swivel 360 to avoid tubes tangle together.2. Rear Handle; support the machine when lift it up.3. Regulator for adjusting height of Diamond Disc Wheel (0~35m/m)4. Each of 13 rolling balls on base plate contains strong air injections; which enables smoothly movement and cleaning rolling balls.5. Water feeds on slab for scouring residue of profile and rolling balls.6. Fixing bolt instead of stop spanner; replace and adjust height of diamond disc easily.7. Flexuous water hose can scour the residue on diamond disc wheel.8. Curved Edge Profiling: enables users glide machine smoothly on rail for milling and polishing straight and curved edges.

Max. Speed : 9;000 rpm
Horse Power : 2.5 HP
Net Weight : 14.5 kgs
Overall Length : 420 mm
Width : 210 mm
Height : 260 mm
Air Consumption : 1.19 m3/min
Hose Size : 10 mm
Sound Pressure : 82.5 dBA
Air Pressure : 90 psi
Max. Thick Stone : 2 ~ 3 cm