• 3/16" Air-Hydraulic Riveter Kit

Model : TR-6015(A)K

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1 Pc Riveter: TR-6015 (TR-6015K)
                       :  TR-6015A(TR-6015AK)
1 Pc Blow Case
1 Pc each of Joint nut; Air hose joint 1/4"; Air hose joint 5/16"; Oiler pot
10 Pcs each of Rivet 3/16"; Rivet 5/32"; Rivet 1/8"; Rivet 3/32"
1 Pc each of Jaw Case; Jaw case joint; Jaw; Jaw Pusher; Jaw Pusher 
1 Pc each of Valve Pusher Spring; Return Spring A; Return Spring B
1 Pc each of Safety Cap; Frame cap nut; Spanner gauge; Spanner
1 Pc Nosepleace 4.8m/m(3/16")
2 Pcs of Nosepleace 4.0m/m(5/32"); Nosepleace 3.2m/m(1/8"); Nosepleace 2.4m/m(3/32")
5 Pcs Frame oring
2 Pcs Frame back up ring
1 Pc each of Oil piston or-ing; Oil piston back up or-ing; Valve pusher or-ing; Valve;
1 Pc Air piston ring