Model : TM-65

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1.To entirely prevent any possibility of missing bolt during the bolt tightening operation. 2.To eliminate the ccurrence that the bolt is not turned to the hole bottom causing the idling of bolts and stripping of bolt threads. 3.To store in memory with a maximum of 99 bolt samples in accurate specification. 4.To regulate a fine-tuning according to actual tightening condition as compared with the sample time. 5.To regulate a fine-tuning according to actual clutch skip condition as compared with the sample time. 6.A code system is provided to prevent unauthorized ingress and modification of setting parameters. 7.The device of lock is equipped to forbid improper operation while the operator takes a break. 8.It is installed with quantitative counter and unit counter. The quantitative counter totals 60k pieces and the unit counter 99 pieces of sample at any selection. 9.It provides 10 sets of memory and recall to shun the repeat of setting. 10.The main screen displays OK or NG quantity of bolt and the programmed or actual torque up time in selective mode.

Total Quantitative Counting Range:1-60;000 Pcs
Unit Set Counting Range:---------------1-99 Pcs
Sample Setting Range:-------------------1-99 pCS
Set Memory / Recall:-----------------------1-10 Sets
Sample Time Set Range:-----------------0.1-9.9 Sec.
Time Torrance Set Range:---------------+/-1-+/-99%
Judgement:--------------------------------OK(Sound and green LED indication)
                                                    NG(Sound and red LED indication)
I/O:-----------------------------------------------RS-232C connector
Power Source(Switching power supply):I/P:100-120 V/220-240 V
                                                               O/P:35 Vdc/ 30 Vdc
Power (including electric screwdriver):60W
Dimension(WXHXL):---------------------------225X80X180 mm
Net Weight:-----------------------------------------1.6 Kgs