• Industrial Composite Vibration Reduced Reciprocating Air Saw

Model : TB-6002

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*Designed with following patents to assure Extreme Low Vibration and operator comfort 1)Portable Pneumatic Tool assembled with modules units. 2)Suspension Vibration-Reducing means for portable pneumatic tools. *Engineering plastic made Clam-Shell Housing designed for easy service. *Patented quick change Blade Holder makes changing saw blades/ files easy. *Patented Universal Swivel Air Inlet Joint for the best maneuverability of the tool. *Sliding Throttle and Lock Button to prevent accidental start up and provide operator comfortable. *Adjustable Guard/Guide allows operators to set depth of cut. *Rear exhaust directs air away from work place.

Cutting Capacity:----10mm(Steel)
Stroke Length:--------25mm
Stroke Per.Minutes:-5;000 Bpm
Air Consumption:-----6 Cfm
Air Inlet:-------------------1/4"(Pt)
Air Hose:------------------3/8"(I.D.)
Net Weight:---------------0.96Kgs
Noise Level:--------------85 dBA
Vibration:------------------3.5 M/S2