• Industrial Air Saw

Model : TB-6000

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The most powerful industrial Air Saw for clean ;burr-free cuts with standard hacksaw blades in serving a wige range of industries and emergency services where relibility and durability are really matter such as Petrochemicals ;Oil Rigs; Power Stations; Public Transport Facilities; Coal Mines; Fire Brigades; Airways & Airport Facilities ;Railway ;Garages; Car Manufacturers; Commerical Vehicle Builders; Boat Building ;Reinforced Fiberglass ;Shipyard use ;Mininstry of Defense-Army; Navy ;Air Force ;Etc.

Stroke Length:------45mm
Stroke Per.Minutes:-0-1;200 Bpm
Air Consumption:----6 Cfm
Air Inlet:----------1/4"(Pt)
Air Hose:-----------3/8"(I.D.)
Net Weight:---------2.5Kgs
Noise Level:--------85 dBA
Vibration:----------5.0 M/S2