• 20L Air Lubricator For Oil

Model : MO-195/MO-195M/MO-195EM

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*It is diferent from pump in description model 1 because of different in compression ratio. Use of different air pressure will cause some compression ratio. For instance. *Tank is made of high standard; strong. environmental friendly steel.

Max. Capacity:20Litter(5.0Gallon)
Max. Pressure:6-9.0Kgs(85-130Psi)
Shrink Rate:1:19-1:20
Volume Output:18 L/Min.
Oil Hose Diameter:3/8"x1WX3M
Net Weight:18.0Kgs
MO-195 With Standard Gun
MO-195M With Gauge Flow Type Oil Gun
MO-195EM With Digital Flow Type Oil Gun