• A.C Type Full Auto Disk-Brake Shut Off Electric Screwdriver

Model : ET-5683

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*High accurasy and wide large torque range.*Internationally patented disk brake design to prevent the sparks cause by the motor abruptly stop with reverse voltage that it will damage electric components and led to high repair costs.*Direct plug-in type

Power Source:----------115VAC
Free Speed:--------------1;000 Rpm
Torque Accuracy:------3%
Torque Setting:---------Stepless
Torque Range:----------8.0-25.0Kgf-Cm/6.9-21.7In-Lbf
Net Weight:----------------740g (1.6 Lbs)
Overall Length:----------269mm (10.6")
Bit Shank:------------------1/4"
Available Screw:---------Machine Screw:3.0-4.5mm/0.12"-0.18"
:---------Tapping Screw:2.6-4.0mm/0.1"-0.16"
Tool Diameter:------------39mm/1.54"